Wednesday, April 10, 2013

SharePoint : SPCalendarView rendering error in SharePoint 2013

Recently I happened to use SPCalendarView controls in SharePoint 2013.
We do not have a root site collection created but have a sub site collection.
For example,
We have but we do not have root site collection.
When SPCalendarView control is used, it refers to images pointed to the root site collection. This error is also caused by GetThemedImageURL() method. Here is the error I got first time.

As nothing stops us from creating a root site collection, I just went ahead and created this site collection and voila, Calendar popsup.
If you goto, http://yourwebsite/_layouts/15/iframe.aspx?&cal=1&lcid=2057&langid=1033&ww=0111110&fdow=1&fwoy=0&hj=0&swn=False&minjday=109207&maxjday=2666269&date=01%2F01%2F1980, this should render calendar successuflly.

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