Thursday, February 14, 2013

Save dialog shows for a generated PDF

I guess this is in general Request/Response object, but I was on SharePoint 2013 environment.

There is a link in the application which needed to open automatically and was working fine. But when user opens the document and tries to close it without modifying anything, a Save dialog was popping up. So here is the code to open the document automatically based on ActiveX plug in on the users' system. (Generating the document ommitted.)
//Do not buffer
this.Page.Response.Buffer = false;

this.Page.Response.AppendHeader("Content-Disposition", "inline; filename=" + fileName.ToString());
this.Page.Response.ContentType = strContentType;

//Check that the client is connected and has not closed the connection after the request
if (this.Page.Response.IsClientConnected)

//No need to flush or close as buffering is disabled

As in the code, if Content-Disposition is set to "inline" document is automatically opened (in my case its a PDF reader), or if it is set to attachment, user will be popped with a Open/Save dialog box.


After opening the document, even if the user did not change anything, "do you want to save?" sort of dialog was displayed. In the code, at first, I did not put Response.Flush() and Response.Close() because Response was not buffered (note this.Page.Response.Buffer = false in the code). So when I put Response.Flush() and Respose.Close() back in, Save dialog was gone.

Hope this helps!!!

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