Sunday, February 20, 2011

SharePoint 2010: Unable to find the default new form for list xxxxx

Was working with externla list and .NET assembly connectors to access xml data source on the file system. I created ReadList() and ReadItem() method and wanted to test if everything is good before I go ahead and create Create() and other methods.

Interestingly, when we create external list using external content type which does not have Create() method, default new form for the list WILL NOT be provisioned.

After Create() method is implemented and solution is redeployed, "New Item" will be enabled on the list but the default new form is not available. When we click "New Item" on the list, the following error message is presented to the user.

Resolution is to delete the existing list and recreate based on the updated external content type. Now, the list is provisioned with all the methods available in the external content type. In this case, default new form for the list will also be provisioned. 

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