Friday, June 11, 2010

.NET Interview Questions

The following is the list of questions I prepared to help out trainees in my .NET training programs pursuing .NET career with our Training/Consultancy. Hope this helps all the .NET career seekers.
  1. What is an assembly?
  2. What is the difference between Private Assembly and Shared Assembly?
  3. What is GAC and what are the advantages of if?
  4. What is the difference between String and StringBuilder?
  5. What is a collection?
  6. Why do we need Generic collections?
  7. What are some common namespaces you come across during development?
  8. What is an Interface and what are the advantages of it?
  9. What is the difference between an Interface and an Abstract class?
  10. What is a virtual keyword used for in C#?
  11. What is a difference between a Function and a Subroutine?
  12. Describe .NET done in ur project
  13. How do u establish remoting
  14. Net Remotiong VS Web Services
  15. Will you use dataset or a datareader to return result from .Net Remoting component
  16. Describe Garbage Collection
  17. What is the use of IDisposable interface
  18. What are two uses of "using" clause?
  19. What does the keyword sealed mean? Why do you need to seal a class?
  20. Difference between Server.Transfer and Response.Redirect?
  21. What is Viewstate in ASP.NET?
  22. What is the difference between an in-line sql and stored procedure?
  23. Difference between Inner Join and Outer Join
  24. Difference between Union and Union All?
  25. In ADO.NET, how will you get data from Oracle?
  26. Why will you use .NET remoting instead of Webservices?
  27. How do you show a dropdownlist in datagrid?
  28. What is boxing and unboxing?
  29. What is Shadows keyword used for?
  30. What is the diffrence between Clustered index and Non-clusterd index?
  31. Why do we have to use stored procedures?
  32. Explain State Management
  33. How do you integrated Crystal Reports into .NET Application?
  34. DifFerence between DataReader and DataSet?
  35. How did you transfer data? if it is through dataset why?
  36. What is Serialization?
  37. What is .NET Assembly meta data used for?
  38. Explain Garbase Collection process
  39. What are access-modifiers in C#
  40. What is the difference between public and protected and internal
  41. What is the difference between a class and a struct
  42. Do we have Get and Set in C#
  43. How do you create a Delegate in C# / what is a delegate how do you create it in c#
  44. Explain how structured exception handling is done in C#
  45. Is Catch block in Try block mandatory?
  46. Is Finally block in Try block mandatory?
  47. What is Autopostback in ASP.NET?
  48. There is a drop down being populated in load event. We want to restrict to populate it each time it posts back. How to do?
  49. How do you implement tracing and debugging
  50. What do we do to enable Remote Debugging
  51. What is AutoEvenWireUp
  52. What is Tracing and how to emit only error infomation from tracing
  53. How many Machine.Config and Web.Config files can be there
  54. What is the difference between Authentication and Authorization
  55. What are authentication modes available in ASP.NET
  56. How do you read from Machine.Config file
  57. What are caching types available in ASP.NET
  58. How do you make a .NET Assembly visible to a COM Application
  59. What is the diff between dataset and datareader ?
  60. If you have to get multiple resultsets from database using a single call to database what do you do.
  61. How do you create a dropdown in datagrid for infragistics controls
  62. How do you get to second resultset in a datareader after finishing processing the first resultset.
  63. How you do populate data to a data grid from a dataset.
  64. What is the method that binds data to a data grid
  65. What is AutoGenerateColumns
  66. How do you save data in database 
  67. Can we use XML data to update SQL DB directly.
  68. Which is fast. Updating db using XML or with Stored Procedure.
  69. What is XSD
  70. What is well-formed XML and valid XML
  71. How do you load Schema from xsd to a dataset
  72. What is XPath, how do you select nodes from XML
  73. What is ExecuteXMLReader method
  74. How to write a funciton in JavaScript
  75. How to open a new window in JavaScript
  76. What is the difference between cast and convert in sql server
  77. Which one is faster IN clause or EXISTS when used with WHERE in SQL
  78. What does CHARINDEX function do
  79. What aggregate functions are available in sql server
  80. What is master database
  81. What is tempdb
  82. Which one is faster, whether temp table or a cursor
  83. Can we create stored procedures names starting with 'sp_'. if yes, are there any advantages or disadvantages
  84. Why should we use stored procedures rather than T-SQL when storing data in DB.
  85. What are the advantages of Stored Procedures.
  86. Explain MVP pattern?
  87. What is the syntax to execute a stored procedure.
  88. What is a Trigger
  89. What is Inner Join and Outer Join
  90. What is DTS and why is it used
  91. How do you design your app classes, when you are working single app
  92. How does a web service work
  93. What is a SingleTon object in Remoting
  94. What are table variables and how are they different between Temp variables  in SQL
  95. What is the difference between HTMLServer Controls and WebServercontrol
  96. How do you create a table in HTML
  97. How do you configure Web application in IIS
  98. How do you use Transactions in .NET
  99. How can we find out .NET Framework version IIS currently using for a given web application?
  100. What are the tools you used to optimize SQL Stored proces?
  101. Can you explain Singleton design pattern?
  102. How can you make a call to a web service from a Silverlight application?
  103. What is ResourceDictionary in Silverlight?
  104. What are XAP files and how to deploy them?
  105. How do you do data binding in Silverlight?
  106. What is the difference between a Web Service and WCF Service?
  107. What is the difference between a Thread and a Process?
  108. Explain CoVariance in C#?
  109. What is "TemplateBinding" used for in Silverlight?
  110. Explain MVVM Pattern
  111. What are the data access methods in Silverlight?
  112. Explain Dependency properties/Attached properties
    • Very good article on dependency properties here
  113. What are different ways of applying styles commonly to controls in Silverlight?
  114. What is the difference between StackPanel and Canvas objects in XAML?
  115. How do you deploy a Silverlight application?
  116. What is Application class used for in Silverlight?
  117. What is the benefit of configuring Siliverlight to run as out-of-browser application? and how to configure it?
  118. What are converters used for in Silverlight and how do you create them?
  119. What is Common Expression Table in SQL?
  120. Can we use "Having" clause as part of Update statement in SQL?
  121. What are the new features in .NET Framework 2.0 and 3.5?

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  1. Great work, really appreciate your effort for the information and being enrolled in the OOps, .NET and SQL INTERVIEW Preparation i found your information very helpful.