Thursday, April 8, 2010

Shared Service Providers - Overview

Idea behind SSP is to share certain features (Searching for example) across multiple web applications. Once a SSP is configured, the services it provides can be shared across many web applications. Web applications which were not given access to such SSPs, won't have this functionality. SSPs are available only in MOSS not WSS, even though WSS sites can be configured to utilize SSP services.
Creation of Shared Service Providers (SSP) is done through Central Administration. Here is how to reach to the location.
  1. Administration Tools -> SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration
  2. Click Application Management tab
  3. Click Create or Configure This Farm's Shared Services.
Note: The account using which this page should have Full Control rights under the Policy for Web Application associate with the Shared Services Web Application.
The following is the list of SSPs provided in MOSS 2007.
  • User Profiles and My Sites
  • Search
  • Audiences
  • Excel Services
  • Business Data Catalog
SSP is a functionality set which is hosted as a web application. So a new web application needs to be created. One or more SSPs can be created in a MOSS farm hosting each SSP in its own web application. After creating a new web application, creation of SSP goes as under.
  1. Under Application Management tab in Central Administration, select Create or configure this farm's shared services.
  2. Select "New SSP"
  3. While creating a new SSP, select the web application that we created to host this SSP. This will be the web site which is used configure any SSP settings as and when required.
  4. Make sure that two new web applications are provided while creating SSP. One for the administration of the SSP itself and other one for MySites creation.It is always recommended to separate out these two though we can choose to have both on the same web application. I used SharePoint - 7777 web application for MySite and SharePoint - 8888 for the SSP administration.
  5. The following images shows after SSP is created. I created a new SSP called BDC SSP, hosted on SharePoint - 8888, with MySite hosted on SharePoint - 7777. We will associate all the web applications which need BDC services offered by this SSP.
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