Thursday, April 8, 2010

Shared Service Provider - Search

SSP – Search is the provided only in MOSS. However, for WSS, there is a separate service called Windows SharePoint Search Service available. This can be accessed using Services on this Server link on the Operations Tab in Central Administration web site.
Topics covered for Search
  • Crawling Content Sources
  • Including File Types
  • Understanding Search Scopes
  • Using Keywords and Best Bets
  • Reporting on Search Usage
Crawling Conent: Content search settings determine what content is indexed by the Search Service. Make sure that the account to crawl the content has the access to all the content to be indexed. By default, MOSS has SharePoint lists setup as content sources. Other content sources could be
  • External web sites
  • File shares
  • Exchange public folders
  • Business Data (BDC)
Along with content sources, crawling rules and schedules also can be applied defining how and when crawling takes place.
Another thing to keep in mind about is the setting to include the file types in the search index. When a search is performed, only the configured file types are indexed. For example, file type "PDF" is not included by default in the search index. If the search index should contain "PDF", file type need to be configured for crawling. For this "vendor" provides with IFilter for that file type. For PDF file type Adobe should provide this etc.

Search Centers
MOSS 2007 comes with two variations of Search Center.
  1. Search Center without tabs
    1. Available as a sub site in a collaboration portal and publishing feature is not required to be enabled.
    2. Not customizable.
  2. Search Center with tabs
    1. Available as a sub site in a collaboration portal and publishing feature is required to be enabled.
    2. Fully customizable.

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