Thursday, April 8, 2010

Shared Service Provider – My Site

Yes, you got it right. It's "My Site". A site which end SharePoint user can create and configure. This site gets provisioned the very first time an end user clicks on "My Site" link. Since, users create their own site on themselves; "Self Service Site Creation" needs to be enabled by the Administrator. To enable self-service site creation, following these steps

  1. Administration Tools -> Central Administration
  2. Click Application Management tab
  3. Click Self-Service Site Management
  4. Enable by clicking "On" for the selected web application.

End users have complete control over the content of the site. Adding/removing web parts, creating new lists etc which are meant only for them.My Site primarily consists of two pages for access.

  1. My Profile
    1. To setup personal profile information
  2. My Home
    1. List of things you should do as soon as "My Site" is created. Describe yourself etc
    2. My Calendar (Web Part) – Displays calendar information from Exchange Server.
    3. Colleague Tracker (Web Part) – To social network with people within the organization.
    4. Rolled up view of SharePoint sites and tasks from all the sites where you are a member.


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